Lemaire Channel & the SmallHD DP4 viewfinder

January 13, 2013 — Leave a comment

It’s an auspicious day as the National Geographic Explorer crosses the Antarctic Circle on its trip south and the National Geographic Society celebrates 125years since its creation. What better way to mark the anniversary of such a great organization.

Last night’s update from the ship via the satellite link as Cotton shoots with the help of the SmallHD DP4 viewfinder

“We are sailing through the Lemaire Channel heading for Booth Island. So happy to be on top deck shooting with my Sony A99, 16-35mm Carl Zeiss lens, with my SmallHD DP4 veiwfinder- super bright clarity, makes manual focusing a breeze. The best part of the morning was cruising through “iceberg graveyard” since once the bergs float into this area, they can no longer leave. Nice soft overcast light, really pulling out the bright blue colors. Now heading for the Ukrainian Vernadsky Station famous for collecting meteoric and ionospheric data used in ozone research.”

Photo Credit: Sisse Brimberg

For more information about SmallHD’s great product line, go to their website….

They have an exciting new range of monitors that truly allow you to see exactly what your camera is shooting as you work including the AC7

A special thanks also goes to Helly Hansen for helping the team keep warm and dry in even the most challenging of conditions!

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