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February 9, 2013 — Leave a comment


Our last post dealt with capturing sound of walrus for a new BBC documentary. While most of what we do is in the wild, these captive animals gave me the opportunity to try out the news lens from Lensbaby up close. You may recall Cotton posted a review a few weeks ago from out in the field….

I was shooting with my Nikon D800 with the Composer Pro, with both the Sweet 35 and Edge 80 optics

I have owned an older Lensbaby for several years and have to say the Composer Pro is a step up. There is greater control of the focus shift and the optics are much improved. This means it is much easier to control the wonderful selective focus look that gives a whole different aesthetic to your photographs. The optics are not for everyone, they are designed to take advantage of the controlled soft focus and blur that is altered by manipulating the ball joint at the centre of the lens. Their website has some great instructional videos for all the different products in the range.

I think you will agree the photographs speak for themselves. Its a style choice but for me the blur and controlled fall off of focus really add a dynamic look to these pictures. Bottom line…. If you like to take photographs that have a different look, I would thoroughly recommend this lens system!

I look forward to trying it out for portraiture and landscapes. Stayed tuned for updates

[imagebrowser id=1]

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