Two Bush Lighthouse

July 7, 2014 — Leave a comment

I took a trip on the Maine coast over the weekend hoping to get some good wildlife shots and to photograph the tail end of hurricane Arthur. As it turned out, the storm produced a lot of rain but not the waves I had been hoping for. What I should have done is head inland to photograph waterfalls.

With the help of a friend that has a boat at Owl’s Head, I instead took a tour of some sea bird colonies and the islands of Mussel Ridge. Although the storm not to produce crashing waves, the swell did make for challenging shooing conditions, especially as the overcast weather produced very flat light. This is not great for photography and more importantly made it hard to see submerged rocks. The wildlife sightings were good, as we saw at least twelve bald eagles, but could not get close enough for good pictures. But it certainly was a great experience being out on the water!

A couple of times the light did come good as the sun momentarily broke through the clouds. Luckily one of these moments was as we passed by Two Bush Lighthouse. While it would have been great to get great images of the bird and seals that made the trip very worthwhile, I am very happy if I come back with one good image…. The lighthouse delivered that moment.

Two Bush Lighthouse

Two Bush Lighthouse


Special thanks go to boat skipper Bill Long for sharing his favorite locations, good company and a great morning on the water


Technical notes

Due to the swell, boat was in constant motion so I kept the Nikon D800 cranked to ISO800. This enabled me to shoot at 1/500th sec and F5.6, removing any camera shake. The single shot was then processed through HDR Pro. Normally I would shoot multiple images to create an HDR photo but the program can process a single image by creating an under and over exposed version from the RAW original. This has the extra advantage of removing any movement between shots, especially useful when shooting from a moving platform like a boat, where it would have been impossible to line up multiple images. The B&W conversion was also done through HDR Pro.

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