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July 26, 2014 — Leave a comment
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Silver Discoverer- Home for the next few weeks


Previously I have been lucky enough to explore the eastern side of the Bering Straits and looked out at the Russian side, wondering what secrets were hidden away along that coastline. I am now heading to that region, via Nome Alaska, for a photo expedition with Silversea. The trip promises visits to native villages, old Russian outposts dating back to the Cold War, as well as spectacular bird nesting colonies, walrus haul-outs and whales.

Posting from the field may be challenging but I will do my best to upload photos and stories along the way, but if things go quiet for a couple of weeks, you will know where I am…

After leaving Nome, our first stop will be Provideniya, which looks like it will be reminiscent of Barentsburg in my old stomping ground of Svalbard…. A piece of old Soviet Russia. I am sure we will be met with a serving of black bread and vodka. Many of the city’s residents are native Yupik people, many of whom have relatives across the Bering on the US side. Despite the short geographical distance, these people hardly ever get to meet thanks to the political divide between Russia and the US. Its a great privilege for us to be able to make this trip and see a part of the world where few people get to travel.

Here are a few iPhone shots from my last trip to the Bering region. Its a rugged place but home to some talented artists… it was also great to see the Amundsen statue in Nome, having just seen an identical copy in Tromso, Norway, commemorating his sailing of the famed North West Passage.

Stay tuned for updates

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