A verstaile remote for any camera- Triggertrap

August 20, 2014 — 2 Comments

The Milky Way captured using the Triggertrap mobile. (ISO 3200, 30ecs, f4 with a Nikon D800, 17mm lens)



I have been using a remote from Triggertrap for a while, but they just updated the product so the I headed out at the first opportunity last night to test it out. The cable connects your camera to a smart phone, or other device like an iPod, and runs the camera through a very well featured app’. You can do anything from run a timelapse, to trigger the camera by sound or take a series of images to stack. The reason I first started looking for a control like this as I wanted to take control of the bulb function on my DSLR and be able to accurately dial in long exposures for night photography. For this example, I was using an exposure of 30 seconds for this shot of the Mliky Way.

The great thing is that Triggertrap also make a cable for just about any camera on the market, it also splits in the middle and so if you change systems, you simply purchase a new plug. This makes upgrades very easy and inexpensive, it also means you are not forced to buy a whole new remote. I would really recommend you give their products a try. Best of all, they are bringing out a new remote in October called Ada, amongst other things, it will trigger when it detects motion or lightning flashes. Below is a video explaining its features. I am on the waiting list for its launch and I suggest you sign up as soon as possible.

2 responses to A verstaile remote for any camera- Triggertrap


    17 mm prime I’m guessing : )

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