Good Morning Maine- Use foreground in your landscape shots

August 27, 2014 — 2 Comments
Dawn Aug 27

Dawn on Appleton Ridge


Good morning from the Ridge here is Appleton, Maine. There was a beautiful sunrise this morning, so ran outside to shoot a photograph capturing the late summer season. Fall feels like it is just around the corner….

The sun was just a little too high in the sky for an open shot of the St George valley, plus I wanted to include the turning grass and wildflowers to better capture the feel of summer coming to an end. This was a great opportunity to use the dew covered grass as foreground. Not only does this help capture the mood, but on a practical note, cuts the brightness of the sun, while allowing me to see the textures of the vegetation.

To ensure a wide dynamic range (seeing details all the way from the shadows to highlights), I set the camera to continuous high, or burst rate, and shot five frames with one stop differences in exposure and then blended them with HDR Efex Pro.

I also chose to have a relatively large depth of field, bot not push this too far, as the out of focus elements would help add depth to the photograph.

Shot at 1/200th sec at f8   17mm lens on a Nikon D800


PS  I also grabbed a quick shot of my trusty camera assistant using the same technique


Trusty camera assistant- Rosie

Trusty camera assistant- Rosie


2 responses to Good Morning Maine- Use foreground in your landscape shots


    I love this pix! Who would of thought taking pictures through some tall grassy plants would come out so beautiful! Your assistant is amazing;]]
    I have a real quick question if you don’t mind. I pretty new at the editing process and just bought a new Mac Pro.
    What would you suggest for a program to edit with? I also have a Nikon D800, awesome camera. I would appreciate
    any input. You are living my dream…


      Hi Carene,
      The D800 is a great camera. Currently I use Aperture for editing stills and FCPX for video. Aperture is no longer going to be supported, so waiting to see what the new Apple product will do (photos) but most of my colleagues have swapped to Lightroom

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