Nikon lenses for cinema use

November 8, 2014 — Leave a comment

I have been a long time Nikon shooter. One of the biggest attractions is that I can use the high quality lenses on all kinds of camera that I use. Starting out in the business shooting on a 16mm film cameras like the Bolex, Eclair and then Aaton, all had adapters available for Nikon. My first professional Nikon body was an F3… later I started using a D100, especially to create digital timelapses, now I use a D810.

At the same time, I still use the Nikon lenses on my favorite video camera, the Phantom from Vision Research. After shooting a commercial is Savannah GA with the Phantom, I decided to shoot a demo piece that would push the camera and lenses to their limit. We had a very talented member of the  Flaming Hot Toddies Flaming Cabaret group working with us. I had previously worked with Emerald on another shoot and knew she is an amazingly talented fire dancer. With only the light from her torches to illuminate the scene, we shot a short film at 500fps in otherwise total darkness. The short film was captured with  Nikon 16mm, 28mm and 105mm macro  lenses shooting wide open in order the gather as much light as possible.

As well as Emerald, I would also like to thank Jody Schiesser and Pierce Berolzheimer for their help on a very late night in GA

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