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Emmy News Celebration

October 2, 2013 — Leave a comment


We are on board the National Geographic Explorer, part way through Lindblad’s Epic South America Expedition. Today she is exploring the delta of the great Amazon River and there is no better place to celebrate last night’s win of an Emmy for Expedition Workshops’ David Wright. He is currently leading a digital story telling workshop on board the ship with fellow National Geographic contributor, and Expedition Workshop partner, Cotton Coulson.

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David received the award for his work as a cinematographer on the National Geographic series “Untamed Americas” which is being featured as part of the entertainment on board the Explorer during the voyage. It is a four part natural history series celebrating the wildlife of both North and South America.

David previously received an Emmy for his polar bear film, “Realm of the Great White Bear” which has also been featured while he has been on board for a number of Lindblad’s Arctic expeditions. Other accolades include a Jules Verne award for his work in the Arctic and a BAFTA for his contribution to the David Attenborough series “Life In Cold Blood”.

Epic South America_131001_0642

Teaching on board the Explorer during the Epic South America voyage (Photo by Sisse Brimberg, ExpeditionWorkshops)

David and Cotton will be sailing on the upcoming Lindblad South Georgia trip next month and offering again their exclusive “Expedition Filmmaking Workshop” to a limited number of guests. Sign up soon for this unique opportunity to go “On Assignment” with two of National Geographic’s best photographer / filmmakers to one of the world’s most spectacular wildlife destinations.

For further information about the workshop please contact Lindblad Expeditions, as only a limited number of places are still available.

News about the upcoming workshops on the National Geographic Explorer

We had the pleasure of working on National Geographic’s recent landmark series “Untamed Americas“. We are excited to announce that it was just nominated for an Emmy for “Outstanding Cinematography”.

The story we shot was based in Jasper NP , in beautiful Alberta, Canada. Our mission was to shoot the big horn sheep rut.

the team

The team- David Wright, Hayes Baxley & Wes Bradford

Jasper NP

Jasper NP

The weather was unusually cold but with the help of producer Hayes Baxley and local guide Wes Bradford we finally triumphed and returned home with a great story. Jasper has to be one of the best wildlife destinations I have ever visited. The landscape is incredible and while there we saw wolves make a kill, deer, moose, grizzly and golden eagles… But the stars of the show were definitely the big horn sheep. The knock down fights went on for hours, although we would then wait hours in -30 degee temperatures for the next bout.

BH cu

Big Horn Ram


The high speed sequences were shot with a Phantom camera from Vision Research recording to a Nanoflash from Convergent Design. The cold presented a huge challenge to us and the gear. Cables became so brittle that they would snap if not handled with extreme care. Luckily after two weeks of waiting, the weather became ideal and we got the sequence just in time to return home for the Thanksgiving holidays


Hayes Baxley & David Wright

DW shooting

David in Jasper NP













Here is a clip from the show which can be seen on National Geographic... check their site for times. We will be on board the NG Explorer the night of the Emmy Awards Ceremony, sailing off the coast of Brazil on the Epic South America expedition, but fingers crossed for the big night.




Author- David Wright